Five Tips for Finding a Trustworthy Estate Agent

News at Elite Property | 12/05/2015

1. Communication

Communication is key to establishing a relationship. If your estate agent isn’t contacting you on a fairly regular basis in regards to your transaction this can indicate that they are working on something other than what you are asking them to do.

While estate agents will generally be dealing with a number of transactions at any given time, being left in the dark about yours can lead to a lack of trust, so find an agent who will give you regular updates.

2. Transparency

None of us like to feel as though we are being fed a line. Some estate agents can come across as too sales-oriented, which can be very off-putting for those who just want somebody that will be straight with them.

If you find that your estate agency seems to be directing you away from your lines of enquiry or is providing answers to questions that don’t make sense then it may be time to consider finding a new one.

3. Knowledge

Your estate agent is the key to finding you the best deal so it is critical that they are aware of both local and national factors that can affect the value of a property.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and judge the answers accordingly. A good estate agent should be able to provide explanations for most things. In the case of buyers they will be able to tell you why a property is priced as it is, taking into account factors such as location and crime rates. A seller will be able to tell you what factors can affect the sale of your property and should know the house inside and out.

2. Jargon

This links into the above points and is extremely important. An estate agent should obviously know the technical terms that relate to their profession, however, they should also be able to translate those terms into language that the client will understand.

If your estate agent is constantly using terms that you don’t understand and fails to explain them properly when prompted this may be a sign that they are directing you away from an important issue.

1. Experience

Even with the previous five factors taken into account, your estate agent’s experience is the most important thing. Look for proof that they can do what they say they can do. Ask them to show you examples of previous transactions in which they have dealt with similar properties.


Furthermore, don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials from previous clients. In many cases the most honest feedback you can get is from those who have used the services of the estate agent in the past and these opinions can be very useful when deciding on your course of action.