How Can an Estate Agent Help You?

News at Elite Property | 12/05/2015

In the digital age it can be quite tempting to think that estate agents no longer serve as large a purpose when it comes to buying or selling a house as they have done in the past. After all, if you are able to put a property online or browse houses from the comfort of your own home, it can seem somewhat unnecessary to have a middleman in the process.

However, that simply is not the case. Having an estate agent helping you out can go a long way to reducing the amount of stress involved in a property transaction while also ensuring that your best interests are met. So how can an estate agent help you? Here are just a few ways.


At some point or another during a property transaction you are going to run into contracts, which are legally binding agreements that relate to the sale or purchase of the property in question. They can be an absolute minefield to negotiate and, in worse case scenarios, you can even leave yourself open to legal action should you not adequately cover yourself in the contract.

An estate agent will have years of experience in handling such issues and will be able to ensure that any contracts that are drawn up offer you plenty of protection should the transaction eventually go south.

Reducing Stress

A lot of work goes into selling a property. Between advertising its availability, staging the home to make sure it is attractive as possible, fielding calls from interested parties and the mountains of paperwork that go along with the sale it is easy to get completely overwhelmed by the whole thing. In truth, it is essentially a full-time job just to get the transaction completed.

An estate agent can take all of this stress and extra work away by handling it for you. They can get the property out there, advise you on how best to arrange things and handle all of the interest generated for the home. They will always be available should you need a little bit of advice and their connections ensure that paperwork is completed quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

The Personal Touch

Just for a second, try to think of anybody that you know that has seen a property online and decided right then and there to buy it. We would be willing to bet that you couldn’t think of anybody, which just goes to show that the personal touch is just as important in securing the sale of a property as having the information available to hand.


An estate agent will be able to discuss the good and bad points of your property, helping you to accentuate the positives while masking the negatives as far as possible. They will also be able to handle the talking during property viewings, which can be an absolute boon for those who don’t have the gift of the gab or those who simply don’t like feeling like a salesperson when they are showing people around.