Making Your House More Valuable

News at Elite Property | 05/12/2015

These quick hints and tips won’t cost too much and take in the things you can do over the course of a day or so, to really give your house that extra little something that it may be missing.


Cleaning up the house can be therapeutic but it also helps increase its value. A home with random bits of clutter dotted around is far less attractive to a buyer. For one it doesn’t allow the buyer to get into a mindspace wherein they are living in the house, because it personalises the property towards you.

Additionally it also looks messy and makes it seem like the house is in worse condition than it actually is. Having a quick tidy can work wonders in increasing the perceived value of your home. Remember it is as much about the presentation as it is the brick and mortar.

A New Paint Job

Many people underestimate the value of a good lick of paint. It’s only natural that various areas of the home will begin to show signs of age. Paint will peel or become faded, which in turn leads to the house looking less presentable.

Having a fresh coat of paint on walls and ceilings immediately makes the rooms of the house appear fresher and more open. Furthermore it fosters a great first impression and also allows the potential buyer to start thinking about what they would do with a room rather than thinking about what they need to do to fix up the room. It’s a subtle difference but it is important. If a viewer sees work in the room they are less likely. If they see potential in the room then there is more chance to make a sale.


It can seem strange, but the senses play a large part in the value that a person places on a home. What they see is obviously the most important thing but you must also pay attention to what they can smell.

Odours can be extremely off-putting so it is important to make sure that your home has a nice airy feel to it. Strong odours should be suppressed with air fresheners. It may be worth keeping windows open in some cases, however, if you are close to a road or have a compost heap in the garden it may be a wiser decision to keep them closed. The key is to ensure the smells match up with the sights.


It may seem like something of a non-factor but the way you present the property can play a big part in how it is perceived by a potential buyer. Show affection for the house but don’t do so to the point where the buyer can’t see themselves in it.

Make sure that you provide all of the information that they need and talk about areas of the house that you particularly like. Be confident in your presentation and that will be reflected in the way the potential buyer responds to you.

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