The 10 Qualities You Should Look For in an Estate Agent

News at Elite Property | 05/12/2015

For somebody new to the property market that can be a little intimidating, especially if you don’t know what to look for, so here are ten qualities that all good estate agents should have.

10. Communication

Good communication skills are essential for an estate agent. This doesn’t just mean in relation to potential buyers either. Your agent should be keeping in touch with you too and letting you know about every step of the process.

9. Personality

At its heart the property business is sales-oriented so it is important that your estate agent has the gift of the gab. This doesn’t mean that they should be untruthful with what they say, but rather that they should be personable and throw of the vibe that this is somebody you would like to talk to.

8. Local Knowledge

Your estate agent should know everything that’s important about the location surrounding the properties under their control. They need to know where schools are, what the crime rate is like and what the area is like to ensure they price correctly and sell appropriately.

7. Tech-Savvy

The online market has become one of the top tools in the estate agent’s arsenal and it is important that yours knows how to use the web to your advantage. Any estate agent that avoids the internet should be avoided by you.

6. Organised

With a market as fast moving as the property market a good estate agent needs to be well-organised. They will usually be handling multiple properties and clients at a time, so failing to organise correctly can lead to issues being missed.

5. Work Ethic

Nothing comes without a little hard work and the same is true of the property market. It’s not enough just to let people know that a property is for sale, nor is it enough to simply provide a database of properties for purchase or rent. Active knowledge of what the client needs should be put to use.

4. Good Listener

Following on from that point, it is important that your estate agent is able to listen to and provide feedback on you enquires. Knowing what the client wants is extremely important, otherwise how will they know what to look for?

3. Connected

Your estate agent should know how to get what you need when you need it. This means paperwork, licenses, permits and anything else that can help you along the way. Having the appropriate connections ensures all of the red tape is handled swiftly.

2. Testimonials

As the saying goes: “The proof is in the pudding.” A good estate agent must be able to show where they have succeeded in dealing with properties in the past and, ideally, will be happy to provide testimonials and examples of their work.

1. Honesty


Honesty is all-important in the property market, as without it you open yourself up to failure should the deception be uncovered. Be honest with your estate agent and ensure that they are honest in return.