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Tenant Fees

Tenant Fees

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Minimum bedrooms

Application Fee £125.00 
(Per Person over the age of 18 years)

Guaranto Fee £125.00
(Per Guarantor)

Late Payment Charges £30.00 
Rent payment more than 3 days late (per month, 
every month, until balance is cleared)

Bounced Cheque Fee £39.60 
(Plus late payment charges)

Visit To Property To Make Contact With Tenant £35.00
Concerning overdue rents (31 days or moren plus 
late payment charges)

Extra Copy Of AST Agreement, Renewals Andnotices £12.00 (One copy will be provided at start of tenancy)

Tenancy Agreement & Deposit Protection £125.00 
Variation of Tenancy Agreement (adding/ 
removing tenants)

Renewal Agreement £50.00

Break Clause Agreement £60.00

Pet Allowance Fee £240.00 
(Upon permission, Non-refundable)

Attendance To Property For An Unecessary Repair Issue £30.00
(Trip Switches, Locked Out Of Property, To Be Shown How To Use An Appliance Etc...) 

Issue Of Notices £60.00

Exit Reference Fee £66.00 
(Letting Agents, Mortgages etc.)

Exit Inspection Fee £84.00

Admin Fee For Breaking Fixed Term Contract £300.00 
(Subject to Landlord(s) consent)

***All prices are including VAT (20%)***